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St. Edhar 12 First Among Equals

a.k.a. "Mystery Quad" - as seen in Brewing TV 58 "Guess That Beer:"

3 gallons, BIAB all grain:
Target OG: 1.104

9 lbs MFB Pilsen


  • Dough-in cold at approx. 70 F with 24 qt H20
  • Slowly raise temp to 148 F and rest 75 minutes
  • Mashout 170 F for 10 minutes
  • No sparge

2 lbs D-180 candi syrup @ 60”
1 oz Palisade (whole) @ 60”
0.25 oz Liberty (whole, homegrown) @ 60”

1 oz Palisade (whole) @ 15”
0.25 oz Liberty (whole, homegrown) @ 15”


  • cool to 64 F, O2 and pitch with …
  • Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity
  • quasi-open fermentation (non-sealed, non-airlocked s/s stock pot) free-rise to 68 F w/ periodic rousing for 7 days
  • rack to closed secondary (SG = 1.030), warm to 75 F for attenuation
  • rest 5 weeks in secondary, prime w/ table sugar & bottle condition
  • FG = 1.020, 11.2% abv
  • Preliminary tasting notes from short fill on bottling day:“Milk chocolate covered cherries, banana chips, rose petals, caraway, pumpernickel bread, sweetened Americano, rum cake. Warming on the way down.”

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