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Rules for Dice-Hopped IPAs (Episode 44)

*Based on 10 gallon batch – Half quantities for 5 gallonz*

All Grian Requirements:

10lbs base malt,

2lbs additional malt (this is intentionally vague)

1lb malt must be selected in some way by your wife/girlfriend/mistress. If none apply, your dog/pet/non-human living partner.

1lb Crystal _______


Mash Temp no greater than 180 and no less than 130 (this is a joke, calm down) Your target mash temp must be specified before you start to see if you can actually hit a mash temp or if you suck.

Six hop pellets must be added to your mash. (Note Rule #5 below)

Extract Requirements: can be converted if needed.

Hops (10 oz total): Your Recipe MUST include at least 3 and no greater than 4 hop species.

Must include 2oz of hops with an AAU greater than 10%

Must include 2oz of hops with an AAU between 5% and 9.9%

Must include 2oz of hops with an AAU less than 5%

Must include 2oz of hops of your choice – any AAU is acceptable

Must choose 2oz of hops to dry hop with – your choice.

Yeast: Yeast type is your choice


1.   Select the 2oz of hops you want to dry hop with and put those back in the freezer. – Yes, you can peek and select the hops you WANT to use – not what the cosmos selects for you.

2.   Remaining 8oz. of hops put into cups in half-ounce increments and randomized, so you will need 16 cups/containers for this thing. Scales? Although scales are strongly discouraged, they are not outlawed and you will not be disqualified for using a scale. You will, however, be looked down at and viciously criticized.

3.   The type of hop is written onto the bottom of every keg cup into which it is placed (you may want to do the labeling BEFORE dumping in the hops).

4.   Your boil will be SIXTY-NINE minutes long (because every boil should be 69 minutes).

5.   SIX (or seven) PELLETS added as a mash hop addition

6.   ONE cup added as a First Wort Hop addition

7.   Two cups are chosen at random – and added at 69 minutes.

8.   Two cups are chosen at random – and added at 21 minutes.

9.   Take two cups and set them aside (see rule #10). You should have NINE CUPS LEFT – a half-ounce in each cup.

10.  You will be rolling TWO dice, NINE times. The numbers on the dice will be added together to represent the minutes of the boil that each cup will be added. If you roll a six and a two, you will add that cup at 8 minutes. If you roll a one and a one, that cup will be added at 2 minutes, if you add a six and a six, that cup will be added at 12. Get it? Man, I hope so.

11.  Add one cup at (1 minute) and one cup at (0 minutes). Don’t ask questions, just do it.

12.  After each hop addition, you must record which hop was added and the time at which it was added.

13.  The song “46&2” by Tool must be played at least two times during your brew session.

Primary Fermentation (7 day) temperature must be charted carefully Day and temp. 2 oz Dry hops added on the 8th day. Beer may be transferred to secondary or hops may be added to primary. SG and FG Gravity data MUST be gathered and documented.



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    Brewing TV - Recipes - Rules for Dice-Hopped IPAs (Episode 44)
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    Brewing TV - Recipes - Rules for Dice-Hopped IPAs (Episode 44)
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    Brewing TV - Recipes - Rules for Dice-Hopped IPAs (Episode 44)
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    Brewing TV - Recipes - Rules for Dice-Hopped IPAs (Episode 44)
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    Brewing TV - Recipes - Rules for Dice-Hopped IPAs (Episode 44)
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    Brewing TV - Recipes - Rules for Dice-Hopped IPAs (Episode 44)
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    Brewing TV - Recipes - Rules for Dice-Hopped IPAs (Episode 44)
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Reader Comments (2)

I'll try this for sure, maybe put some d20 in the game too!

October 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPanos

Doing this right now:
Hops were Chinook, millennium, Amarillo and crystal
Grains were 2row, rye, MO and crystal 35

November 2, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJoshua

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