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Mortimer the Dragon

Aaron Cohen's California Common, which you saw being poured and guzzled at the Green Dragon in Episode 5. Thanks to Aaron, the Oregon Brew Crew, and the Green Dragon Pub & Bistro!

Aaron's notes:

Adjust all water to San Francisco water profile = 15.3ppm Ca++, 5.4ppm
Mg++, 14ppm Na+, 9ppm Cl-, 17.6ppm SO4--, 59ppm CO3--

Since efficiency varies for each system, I'll just give the grain bill in %
80% American Pale 2-row
10% German Vienna
10% Crystal 60L
OG target = 1.051

Five gallons, all-grain, in a 75% efficiency brewery:
7# 5oz American Pale 2-row
14oz German Vienna
15oz Crystal 60L

Hops (leaf)
0.8oz   Northern Brewer @ 60min (23 IBU)
0.4oz   Northern Brewer @ 15 min (11.5 IBU) + whirlfloc tablet
0.5oz   Northern Brewer at knockout (0 IBU)

IBU total ~ 35
OG target = 1.051

Yeast - WLP 810 (recommend starter for cleaner fermentation)

FG target = 1.013

Single infusion mash - heat 3 gallons of mash water to 154F. Add grain
and mash for 60 minutes. Sparge up to 5.5 gallons. Boil 90 minutes.
Add hops & whirlfloc per schedule above. Cool to 60 degrees and pitch
yeast. Ferment at 60-62F for 10 days. Raise temp to 66F for 2 days.
Carbonate to 2.6 volumes CO2 and cold condition for 3 weeks.

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