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Chip's Patersbier Experiment: Split Batch - Open/Closed Fermentation


Monday July 5, 2010

In Episode 6 of Brewing TV, Michael Dawson issued a Brewing TV Challenge for viewers to brew a 5-gallon batch of Patersbier, split it in two and ferment half closed, half open.  This is from Chip (the video guy) and his test batch(es). Video shows fermentation at just 21 hours after flame-out. I pitch a nice starter into these two batches.

The closed batch is going mad! Needed to add a blow-off tube at 14 hours because the stopper and airlock were actually being pushed out of the carboy. You can see the happy yeast doing its crazy dance. The open batch has a thick krausen that has evolved from foamy white to a muckier beige with tan/greenish chunks in it.

Today, I will take a gravity reading -- at least for the open batch -- and scrape the mank off the top. And rouse it?  For more information on Open Fermentation - see Episode 4. Dawson will be your guru.



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