Brewing TV - Episode 60: Eis is Nice

Chip brews his annual favorite Chocolate Stout with real chocolate additions. Most of the beer gets kegged, but he sets some of it aside for an eising experiment. He's joined by his buddy, chef Zander Dixon for tasting notes on both versions and some discussion about the process. [Original postdate: April 20, 2012] 

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Chip's suggested eis-friendly beer kits from Northern Brewer:



Brewing TV - Episode 59: The Big DIPA

This episode is all about the Double IPA (aka Imperial India Pale Ale). Brewing TV associates Nathan Smith and Kris England team up to brew a split-batch of DIPA as part of a dry-hop and yeast experiment. Then Dawson joins Kris for tasting notes and a bit of discussion about the important elements of a good Double IPA. [Original postdate: April 6, 2012]

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Brewing TV - Episode 58: Guess That Beer

What's this:  a homebrew challenge? Keeler and Dawson go head-to-head brewing mystery beers on a subzero brew day. Two months later, they put each other's keen sense of beer dorkery to task with a taste-test. And Chip chooses the winning beer. [Original postdate:  March 23, 2012]

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Brewing TV - Episode 57: Snow Day in Denver

Brewing TV gets snowed-in in Denver and forced to abandon plans for one episode -- but we salvage the snow day and come up with a whole other episode. Join us as we take advantage of the situation to visit Denver Beer Company, Great Divide Brewing Company, and our first distillery Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey. And we sit down for a chat with Ed Sealover, author of Mountain Brew. All for snow, snow for all! [Original postdate: March 9, 2012]

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Brewing TV - Episode 56: Dry Dock Brewing Company

This episode we're in Aurora, CO living it up with the folks at Dry Dock Brewing Company. Talk about a brewery with a close ties to the homebrewing community - Dry Dock grew out of small homebrew shop to become one of the country's most awarded small breweries. Find out what makes this place so special as BTV rides along for a brew day and Dawson puts our Pro Series beer kits up against Dry Dock's commercial beers. Beware: Epicness ensues. [Original postdate: February 24, 2012]

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