Brewing TV - Episode 65: Wine Not?

BTV takes a break from brewing beer to make some wine. The ambient temperatures of summertime make for a perfect homewinery and we’re taking advantage by making two wines – a robust red and a sweet crisp white. Join us as Jake and Mike fill their fermentation schedule with a few batches of wine, share a glass or two, and rap about why they enjoy winemaking. [Original postdate: June 29, 2012]

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Brewing TV - Episode 64: Tallgrass Brewing Company

BTV takes Manhattan… Kansas! Brewing TV visits Tallgrass Brewing Company, where we find ourselves happily surrounded by good people, great beer and a lot of homebrew equipment. While Dawson brews a freestyle small-batch collaboration beer with head brewer Andrew Hood, Jake talks with Tallgrass founder Jeff Gill about the brewery’s evolution, off-beat brands and new Northern Brewer Pro Series Beer Kits. Critical!

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Brewing TV - Episode 63: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Like kids to a candy store, Brewing TV finally makes the pilgrimage to the World of Dogfish Head, its mothership brewery in Milton, DE and the O.G. brewpub in Rehoboth Beach. Join BTV as we learn about Dogfish Head's homebrew-scale Small Batch Brewing program and see how the ideas behind small-batch experimental brewing influence the brewery's large-scale commercial releases. Off-Centered brew for all! [Original postdate: June 1, 2012]

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Brewing TV - Episode 62: Maibock for May Day

Brewing TV is celebrating May Day with homebrew. BTV associate Joe Giambruno drops some knowledge and history as he goes old-school on a double-decocted maibock. Joe and Chip then join homeboy Andrew Bartelson for tasting notes at his annual May Day Parade party. Brewing for an event – just another way to Brew, Share & Enjoy! [Original postdate: May 18, 2012]

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Brewing TV - Episode 61: BTV Birthday Bash

Brewing TV turns two years old in proper style - brewing a beer! Jake, Mike, Chip and the brew dogs gather to make Keeler's Reverse Burster Altbier. During the brew session, we look back on two years of BTV production. We also field some FAQs from our fans. There's even a contest and a birthday present for our viewers. Wrap it up and put a pretty bow on it, we're having a birthday party! [Original postdate: May 4, 2012]

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