Brewing TV - Episode 69: Palmer's Oaked Mild

Homebrew All-Star and “How to Brew” author John Palmer makes good on his promise to hook Brewing TV up with a recipe straight out of the shire. [Original postdate: October 5, 2012]

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Brewing TV - Episode 68: How to Make Graf

In this episode we’re making graf, a beer wort and apple cider hybrid inspired by the literature of Stephen King. While King invented the drink, members of the online home brewing community have been the champions and mad fermentalists behind its existence and evolution. Join us for a brew day and some tasting notes on a couple of examples. All for Graf, Graf for All! [Original postdate: Sept. 21, 2012]

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Brewing TV - Episode 67: How to Make Hard Cider


How about them apples?! In this episode of Brewing TV, we make hard cider. While both options work well, you'll learn the differences between using fresh-pressed apple cider and store-bought cider. Chip and Northern Brewer cohort Chris Smith show you how to treat, ferment and finish hard cider. The discussion includes tips on back-sweetening cider as well. After watching this video you'll be ready to start making your own hard cider at home. [Original postdate: September 7, 2012]

Ready to make some hard cider? See this recipe. Also check out these Resources and Cider-Related Products at Northern Brewer including yeast, nutrients, finings, flavorings and more. All for Cider, Cider for All!





"Crazy Brew Day" Contest Winners

Looking for the winners of the Crazy Brew Day contest! You found them.

In episode 66, we asked viewers to send in stories and photos of their most bizarre brew day. We got a lot of great response. People talking about brewing in extreme heat and cold, under extreme stress and confusion, and through all sorts of brew day mishaps. In the end, we picked these three stories. The winners have been contacted. Thanks to everyone who shared their awesome stories with us.



Brew pals Jason and Cory were brewing an Oktoberfest recently near Atlanta when they were hit by a supercell storm. Did that stop them from getting their brew on? Heck no! And they had the presence of mind to shoot a quick video. And you know us - we love video. So they got brownie points.



Mark in New York brewed a Belgian ale with buddies on a freezing day using the Stein Beer Method. That means they used granite rocks heated IN a bonfire to boil the wort -- from the inside out! It doesn’t get more primitive and old-school than that. Mark says carrying the molten rocks in metal baskets swinging from a chain was “more interesting” after a few brews. You’re doing it right, Mark!



George is a U.S. service member. While deployed in Afghanistan he managed to collect ninety-five 200 ml boxes of apple juice and throw them in a 5-gallon jerry can (sanitized of course!). He pitched US05 yeast and slapped the finger from a surgical glove with small hole on it as an airlock. Ten days later, fermentation was complete - from OG 1.055 to FG 0.998. He poured it into thirty-three pint water bottles and sealed them up. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?! George adds “All for cider and cider for all!”






Brewing TV - Episode 66: BTV on Ice

It’s Brewing TV on ice! Our good buddies Ted and Paul (the Dice-Hoppers from Episode 44) invite us to another unusual brew day. This time we’re in the middle of a frozen lake, brewing an improvised beer with random ingredients… and lake water. Yep. Lake water. Get your auger, your lager and your Black Ice – because this brew day is about to get out of control. [Original postdate: July 13, 2012]

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