Maelstrom Stir Plate - Yeast Starter

We show you how to do a yeast starter with the new Maelstrom from Northern Brewer.  

Why do we use a yeast starter? Because it's really the best way to make sure that your brew gets off to the very best fermentation possible.  


Brewing TV - Episode 73: John Palmer on Water

Brewing TV - Episode 73: John Palmer on Water from Brewing TV on Vimeo.

In this episode of Brewing TV we've invited John Palmer to discuss his new book, "Water, a Comprehensive Guide for Brewers." We discuss water's role in the brewing process, how its composition can affect different beer styles, its effect on mash pH levels, and much more.

[Original postdate: October 2, 2013]

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Brewing TV - Episode 72: Summer Beer Serving Techniques

A hot summer day and a cold glass of homebrewed beer spell success for any summer get together, outdoor wedding or event where large amounts of beer are being served. In this episode of Brewing TV we'll show you the best method for beer in a can, show you how to create a draft beer wall, discuss the functionality of a jockey box and showcase the ideal glassware for serving summer beer to insure cold, foam free pours.
[Original postdate: August 2, 2013]

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Brewing TV - Episode 71: Hop Madness 2012

Hop Madness is setting in and Brewing TV is brewing two over-the-top hop bombs – a Double IPA and an October Ale (not to be confused with an Oktoberfest). Join us for some double hop-back insanity and a high-alpha barleywine/Burton Ale mash-up featuring the freshest Australian hops. Celebrate the hop! [Original postdate: November 16, 2012]

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Brewing TV - Episode 70: Inside Hop Union

Brewing TV heads to Yakima, WA for a one-on-one tour and discussion with Hop Union president Don Bryant. We see how pellets are made and packaged and join Northern Brewer president Chris Farley during the hop selection process. [Original postdate: October 19, 2012]

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