Brewing TV - Episode 5: Green Dragon Project/Jake's ESB


Original postdate: June 4, 2010

- Green Dragon Project with the Oregon Brew Crew
- Time to Brew: ESB

Is homebrew good enough to go on tap at a neighborhood pub? The Oregon Brew Crew gets a chance to prove it every week. A forgotten piece of equipment during a brew session forces us to think outside the bag. What a delicious dilemma to behold.  And a few moments of peace at the lake. Got to have some of that.

Jake's ESB recipe

Mortimer the Dragon recipe

Rogue Ales and the Green Dragon



Brewing TV - Episode 4: Open Fermentation


Original postdate: May 28, 2010

- Secrets of Open Fermentation
- Time to Brew: Topless Hefeweizen (open fermentation, of course)

In this episode, learn the ways of a wise open fermentation with yeast-Jedi Jeremy King. Then we apply Jeremy's knowledge as Dawson brews a "Topless Hefeweizen" (ooh la la!).

Take your top off, leave the lid off, go uncovered... it's all good.

 Jeremy on - Better Brewing through Chemistry

Jeremy on - 2 Things the literature says you should do that you shouldn't

Jeremy on - Five things to do with Cherries

Open Fermentation article from BYO

Dawson's Topless Hefe recipe


Brewing TV - Episode 3: Worth Brewing Company / Northwood Pale Ale



Original postdate: May 21, 2010

Episode features:
- Worth Brewing Company
- Time to Brew: Northwood Pale Ale
- Discussion of large small-scale brewing

Worth Brewing

Northwood Pale Ale recipe

Iowa ABV law status! - from the Iowa Brewers' Guild

Iowa Beer Travelog by Steve Scott - includes update on ABV law


Brewing TV - Episode 2: Lager Caves / Lager Brewing / Casanova Beer Cave Festival


Original postdate: May 14, 2010

- Lager caves with Doug Hoverson, beer historian
- Time to Brew: Casanova Cave-Bock
- Casanova Beer Cave Fest.... it's all about the lager caves!

In this episode of Brewing TV, we look at the history of lager caves, their function and the beer that was made in them. Author/beer historian Doug Hoverson shares his knowledge on the subject. We take some of his research and suggestions to craft a lager of our own that we then lager in a still-functioning cave. We come full-circle and serve our beer to the masses at a craft beer festival centered around the cave.

Did we mention: CAVES!


Land of Amber Waters

Cavebock recipe

D-Hova on American Lagers

D-Hova on The Mystery of the Shaft

Bad rappin' Cavemen


Brewing TV - Episode 1: Fulton Brewing Company / Upper Mississippi Mash-Out


Original postdate: May 7, 2010

Related content:

Fulton Brewing's website

Expanded Gordon Strong interview

Upper Mississippi Mashout photo album

Jake's Wheat beer recipe

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