Brewing TV: Episode 16 - Brewing with the Keelers/"Beer O' Clock" radio show
Friday, August 27, 2010 at 6:08AM
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Original postdate: August 27, 2010

- Jake & Lucretia Keeler brewing a Chocolate Milk Stout
- "Beer O'Clock" radio show with host The Beer Goddess

This one's for the ladies! We begin in the Keeler kitchen, where Jake is joined by his wife - Lucretia - in the brewing of a Chocolate Milk Stout. How's the old saying go? "Give a woman a beer, please her for a day. Teach her to brew, please her for a lifetime..." Right?  Then, BTV on the Radio. We visit Lisa Morrison aka The Beer Goddess during an episode of her craft beer radio show "Beer O'Clock" to get her input on women in craft beer and homebrewing.

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Stuff we used:

Chocolate Milk Stout
EZ Cap bottles
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